A low-dose vaccination (1mL sheep, 2mL cattle) that does not change with the age or size of the animal, making it considerably easier to plan flock vaccination, providing advanced clostridial protection that lasts for at least 12 months.

Dosage: 1mL

Administered by subcutaneous injection to ewes/lambs in the anterior (front) half of the neck.

1st Dose: a sensitising dose from as early as two weeks of age.

2nd Dose: 4-6 weeks later.

Booster: 12 months later and annually thereafter.

Pack size: 100mL pack = 100 doses (Sheep), 50 doses (Cattle)


ACVM Registration No: A9028 ®Registered Trademark. Schering-Plough Animal Health Ltd.

Phone: 0800 800 543. NZ/SPV/1017/0003


Important information about clostridial disease

Clostridium perfringens are the most widespread disease-causing bacteria in the world. The four important types (A-D) are differentiated by the main toxin they produce. Type A is the most common, and is the only type found in both the environment and the intestinal tract.

In New Zealand, a survey isolated C. perfringens (mostly Type A) from soil over a wide range of sites in pastures, gardens, swamps, orchards and roadsides. It is virtually impossible to find mature sheep or cattle in New Zealand that do not have evidence of exposure to Type A.

Type A is associated with numerous diseases in domestic and wild animals both in New Zealand and globally. The most common, and well recognized, is sudden death syndrome of sheep and cattle.

Striking randomly, and without warning, sudden death can hit farms where superior stock are bred or high performance farming methods are used. Essentially, if you’re using a traditional 5-in-1 and are still experiencing deaths for no apparent reason or without obvious symptoms, then sudden death syndrome may be responsible. The need to upgrade clostridial protection is therefore greater.

Your stock are vulnerable if you:

  • Aim for and achieve excellent growth rates in young stock
  • Send replacements away on grazing schemes
  • Use new pastures, especially high sugar content grass species
  • Feed stock on crops or supplementary feed

Why should you consider upgrading?

Although 5-in-1s offer some clostridial protection, Covexin 10 is the only comprehensive clostridial vaccine that offers cover against 10 deadly clostridial diseases, including Sudden Death, Pulpy Kidney, Blackleg, Malignant Oedema, Red water, Enteritis, Tetanus, Black Disease and Lamb Dysentery. Developed and made in New Zealand for our sheep farmers. Covexin 10 is the most advanced clostridial vaccine on the market and vaccination can commence as early as two weeks of age providing protection to lambs when they need it the most – when their growth rates are the highest.

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