Important information about Lambing Percentage

Lambing percentage is the most important driver of sheep farm profitability, and Androvaxplus is a vaccine that can increase your lambing percentage.

Androvaxplus raises antibody levels which increase the number of eggs that are released, therefore increasing the number of lambs born. Because of this, Androvaxplus provides a significant lift in lambing percentage and management flexibility, allowing an increase in lamb numbers from existing ewes or maintaining lamb numbers from fewer ewes.

Androvaxplus increases ewe fecundity without compromising other favourable genetic attributes. This means that there is no trade-off, as can sometimes happen when increasing lambing percentages through new genetic lines.

The effects of Androvaxplus last one season, allowing flexible management each year. Many farmers have found innovative ways in which Androvaxplus can be used to fit their own situation. For example Androvaxplus can be used as a drought strategy to maintain lambing percentage (ewes should be within 3–5kg of normal tupping weight), or to overcome the lower twinning percentages associated with early lambing or feeding lucerne. While some farmers choose to treat their entire flock, others target single bearing ewes or selected mobs.

Traditional methods for increasing lambing percentages usually accumulate over a number of years, allowing a gradual change in management practices. However, Androvaxplus produces an immediate increase in lambing percentage. Management strategies must be in place to ensure sufficient feed for the increased number of lambs, and the increased number of ewes rearing multiples.

When existing lambing percentages are between 100% and 145% the increase in lambs born following the use of Androvaxplus is largely associated with increased twin lambs. As the existing lambing percentage increases above 145%, the proportion of ewes with triplets will increase.

Pregnancy scanning is a key factor in the successful and profitable use of Androvaxplus. Scanning to identify single, twin and triplet bearing ewes enables early planning and management decisions.

The use of Androvaxplus does require careful consideration, planning and timing so please contact your vet for a management plan to suit your farm.

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