How likely is it that Toxoplasma is on my farm?

Very likely!  Toxoplasma is widespread in New Zealand, and you may not be aware it is present on your farm.  Ewe hoggets and two-tooths are most at risk, and if they contract Toxoplasmosis during pregnancy, they are at risk of aborting or giving birth to weak non-viable lambs.

Can lameness affect mating? 

Yes. Thoroughly check your rams at least 8 weeks before putting them out for conditions like footrot, which can affect their ability to mate. They should also have a breeding soundness exam (palpation and/or blood testing by your vet on an annual basis.

What can affect fertility?

Low bodyweight and poor condition can delay the onset of breeding activity as well as reducing ovulation rates and reducing fertility overall.
Good feeding levels are essential.  Check for trace element deficiencies as they can affect fertility too.

How can I increase my lambing percentage? 

One of the best ways is using Androvax®Plus.  It’s proven to boost lamb numbers quickly, by an average of 20%.
Androvax is recommended when there are strategies in place to lamb and rear at least 20% more lambs, and can be used to target single-bearing mobs/ewes. This does not alter the genetics of the ewe and can be a once only treatment without a detrimental effect the following season.

Is vaccinating for Campylobacter on my farm a must-do?

Vaccination is the bestway to prevent reproductive losses due to Campylobacter.  And given that its present on 88% of New Zealand farms - most farms will find a benefit in vaccination with  Campyvax®. Conveniently it  can be given at the same time as Toxovax®.

Do I have to use all of my Toxovax in one go?

Yes, once the vaccine is mixed with the diluent, it should be used within 2 hours of mixing.

What triggers an outbreak of Salmonellosis?

Carrier animals often show no sign of disease but do excrete large numbers of bacteria, contaminating feed and infecting other animals.  Disease often occurs after times of stress, or during intensive grazing.  Sick animals shed huge numbers of bacteria, massively contaminating the environment and rapidly spreading the disease.
Important note: There is a strong relationship between farm animal outbreaks and human cases, especially in children.  Reducing disease in animals by vaccination reduces the risk to humans.

Can I vaccinate my flock with Toxo, Campyvax and Salvexin B at the same time?

Toxovax and Campyvax4 can be administered at the same time, on opposite sides of the neck.  Beyond this, specific vaccination programmes should be designed for your farm in consultation with your vet.

Can I use Toxovax at any time?

Toxovax can be used in healthy animals anytime up to, but not closer than, 4 weeks before the ram is introduced. It cannot be used in pregnant animals or rams.

Can I vaccinate when the ram is in with the ewes?

See above - the ewes must be vaccinated at least 4 weeks before the ram being introduced. If you discover a ram in with the ewes at time of vaccination, contact your vet immediately for advice before proceeding.

Why can I only give 1 shot of Toxovax for life but need to use 2 shots and then and annual booster for Campyvax4?

The vaccines are quite different. Toxovax is a live vaccine which ensures a strong immune response. This is why the handling of it is so important.  Because Campyvax 4 is a killed vaccine it performs in a different way and hence this is why ewes require boosters. Most vaccines are like Campyvax 4 not many are live like Toxovax.

Can I use Androvax at the same time as Toxovax?

Yes - as long as the timing is correct for both products they can be used on the same day, on opposite sides of the ewe's neck.
What is the minimum amount of time before first and second shots of Campyvax 4?
You need to follow the instructions on the packet, which are 2 shots 4-8 weeks apart. If you have any questions please contact your vet.

What is the longest amount of time before first and second shots?

You need to follow the instructions on the packet, which are 2 shots 4-8 weeks apart. If you have any questions please contact your vet.

I'm worried that by using all these injections my ewe flock will no longer have the ability to perform without them. What is it doing to the genetics?

The vaccinations will have no effect on the genetics of your flock. Your ram breeder should already be selecting for performance traits so your flock is not becoming weaker by using these products. They simply enhance your productivity by helping to protect against diseases which cause abortions and lamb losses.