Covexin® 10

Covexin 10 is a 10-in-1 clostridial vaccine to protect sheep and cattle against clostridial diseases

Make sure to protect your stock with unsurpassed 10-in-1 clostridial protection for high-performance farms with Covexin 10 vaccine.

Vaccination Programme:

Recommended vaccination programme for Covexin 10

*Risk period: e.g. Introduction to a crop, high quality feed, period of rapid growth, weaning in lambs, lambing in ewes and mating in rams.

Stock type: Sheep & Cattle


  • Dose: Sheep and lambs over 2 weeks of age: 1mL, Cattle and calves over 2 weeks of age 2mL
  • Initial Vaccination Programme: 2 shots
  • Annual Booster: Required
  • Administer by: Subcutaneous (SC) injection
  • Stock type: Sheep & Cattle

Clostridial diseases (including but not limited to Tetanus, Pulpy Kidney, Blackleg, Malignant Oedema & Black disease) are caused by anaerobic bacteria that are common and widespread in the environment, particularly in soil.

The bacteria produce spores that can survive in the environment for a very long time.

The disease-causing bacteria may be picked up at any time by susceptible animals through either wound contamination or ingestion.

Clostridial diseases strike rapidly and are almost always fatal. Very rarely are clinical signs seen with most infected animals presenting as “found dead”.

Risk factors are a mixture of animal and environmental factors:

  • Animal: reduced immunity, injury and wound infection, liver damage, young stock or rapidly growing stock
  • Environmental: highly digestible feed, increased exposure to soil in the diet

Vaccination is one viable means of control.

Covexin 10 provides your livestock with unsurpassed clostridial protection

Benefits of vaccination with Covexin 10:

  • Only the Covexin 10 vaccine offers advanced protection against 10 types of clostridial bacteria.
  • Protects sheep and cattle from Sudden Death Syndrome.
  • Recommended for high-value, fast-growing stock grazing new pastures, crops or supplementary feed.
  • Covexin 10 provides unsurpassed protection against clostridial diseases and should be the vaccine of choice in fast-growing, high producing animals.

Unsurpassed 10-in-1 clostridial protection for high performance farms. 

Fast growing/high producing stock grazing new pastures, crops or supplementary feed are more vulnerable to clostridial disease and sudden death.

That’s why we created Covexin®10, a -ten-in-one clostridial vaccine. Made here in New Zealand specifically for our conditions, Covexin 10 offers the most comprehensive clostridial protection available on the market today.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Covexin® 10 and how is it useful for livestock farming? Covexin® 10 is a 10-in-1 clostridial vaccine developed specifically to protect both sheep and cattle against a variety of clostridial diseases. It is a crucial asset for high-performance farms where the risk of these diseases is higher due to factors such as rapid growth of livestock, introduction to new pastures or crops, and the use of high-quality feed. By providing comprehensive protection, Covexin® 10 helps to maintain the health and productivity of your livestock, thereby contributing to the overall success of your farming operations.
Which clostridial diseases does Covexin® 10 protect against? Covexin® 10 provides broad-spectrum protection against 10 types of clostridial bacteria. These include life-threatening diseases such as Tetanus, Pulpy Kidney, Blackleg, Malignant Oedema, and Black Disease, among others. These diseases are caused by anaerobic bacteria commonly found in soil and can be ingested or enter through a wound, leading to rapid, and often fatal, outcomes. By vaccinating livestock with Covexin® 10, you can significantly reduce the risk of these diseases and safeguard your livestock’s health.
What is the recommended vaccination programme for Covexin® 10? The vaccination schedule for Covexin® 10 comprises two initial shots (4-6 weeks apart), followed by an annual booster within 12 months to maintain ongoing protection against clostridial diseases. This comprehensive vaccination programme is recommended to ensure effective disease control in your livestock, and helps prevent potential productivity losses caused by these diseases.
How is Covexin® 10 administered to livestock? Covexin® 10 is administered through subcutaneous (SC) injection, meaning it is injected under the skin of the livestock. The dosage is dependent on the species and age of the livestock: for sheep and lambs over two weeks old, a 1mL dose is recommended, while cattle and calves over two weeks old, a 2mL dose is recommended.
Why is Covexin® 10 crucial for high-performance farms? High-performance farms often involve fast-growing or producing livestock that graze on new pastures, crops, or supplementary feed. These conditions increase their vulnerability to clostridial diseases and sudden death. Covexin® 10 provides unsurpassed protection against these threats, safeguarding your livestock’s health and ensuring the productivity of your farming operations. By incorporating Covexin® 10 into your farm’s health management strategy, you can significantly reduce the risks associated with these diseases.
What are the signs of clostridial diseases in livestock?Clostridial diseases in livestock are often rapid and fatal. In many cases, clinical signs are rarely observed, and most infected animals are found dead. However, symptoms can include sudden death, muscle stiffness, lameness, swollen neck or body, and rapid breathing, among others

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