Toxovax NZ toxoplasmosis vaccine
Toxovax dose, vaccination programme and administration information

Protect your sheep against Toxoplasmosis with Toxovax. One shot of Toxovax gives lifetime protection to your ewes.

Vaccination Programme:

Toxovax vaccination programme

Only one dose of Toxovax vaccine is required for lifetime immunity. Vaccination must occur at least 4 weeks before mating, but can be given earlier to align vaccination timing with other management practices. Toxovax is only to be used on non-pregnant female sheep.

Stock type: Sheep


  • Dose: 2mL
  • Initial Vaccination Programme: 1 shot
  • Annual Booster: Not required
  • Administer by: Intramuscular (IM) injection
  • Stock type: Sheep

Toxoplasmosis is spread via the faeces of cats. Ewes contract the disease by eating infected pasture, hay or other supplementary feed. The disease causes reproductive problems and reduces flock performance.

Toxoplasmosis affects reproduction in three ways, depending on when ewes are infected:

  • Early gestation – embryonic loss or reabsorption, meaning more dry or late lambing ewes
  • Mid gestation – fetal death, mummification and abortion
  • Late gestation – the birth of weak, non-viable lambs, who are stillborn or die soon after birth.

100% of NZ farms have Toxoplasma present2

100% of NZ farms have Toxoplasma

The effects of an abortion storm can be devastating, causing significant lamb loss (refer above). Once an outbreak has started there is little that can be done to prevent further abortions.

One method of control is prevention through vaccination. Without vaccination toxoplasmosis can cause abortion rates of up to 30-50%3,6,7

Toxovax delivers 3% average increase in lambing percentage

Benefits of vaccination with Toxovax:

  • One-shot protection for life
  • Protection against abortion storms
  • An increase in lambing percentage by an average of 3%
  • Reduction in dry ewes by an average of 13.5%
  • More lambs.

Toxovax is made-to-order. Orders yours early before it’s too late. 

Toxoplasma is present on 100% of NZ farms2 and can cause ongoing losses or abortion storms.

One shot of Toxovax gives lifetime protection to your ewes and provides an average 3% higher
lambing percentage3.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Toxovax? Toxovax is a live, single-shot vaccine developed in New Zealand, providing robust protection to sheep against Toxoplasmosis. This prevalent disease, spread via the faeces of cats, can significantly affect the reproductive performance in sheep, resulting in abortions and reduced flock productivity.
How is Toxovax administered? The Toxovax vaccine is administered via an intramuscular (IM) injection. A single injection delivers the vaccine directly into the muscle, helping to stimulate a strong and long-lasting immune response against Toxoplasmosis in sheep.
When should Toxovax be given to sheep?For effective protection, Toxovax should be administered to sheep at least 4 weeks before mating. However, it can be given earlier to align with other management practices. The timing is critical to ensure that ewes have developed immunity before the onset of gestation. Toxovax is recommended for use in maiden ewes.
Is an annual booster required for Toxovax?No, one of the key advantages of Toxovax is it is a live vaccine that provides lifetime immunity from just a single dose. Unlike other vaccines, there is no need for an annual booster. Due to being a live vaccine Toxovax has a very limited shelf-life and is made to order. As such it is only available in New Zealand from October to March each year.
How do sheep get Toxoplasmosis? Toxoplasmosis is transmitted to sheep mainly through the ingestion of infected pasture, hay, or other supplementary feed contaminated with the faeces of cats. These infected feeds carry the Toxoplasma parasites that cause the disease.
What are the benefits of vaccination with Toxovax? Toxovax delivers multiple benefits that significantly enhance the health and productivity of your sheep. One shot provides lifetime protection against Toxoplasmosis, preventing the devastating effects of abortion storms. Moreover, trials have shown it can increase lambing percentage by an average of 3% and reduce the number of dry ewes by an average of 13.5%. 
Can I purchase Toxovax without a veterinary prescription?No, Toxovax is only available under veterinary authorisation. This ensures the safe and appropriate use of the vaccine. Remember, Toxovax is made-to-order, so it’s recommended to plan ahead and order early to ensure availability when needed.

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Abortion storms in New Zealand are most commonly associated with Toxoplasma and Campylobacter, however Salmonella Brandenburg is widespread in the South Island and is can also cause abortions and ewe deaths in late pregnancy.